steers-gallery – the return

Without fanfare or global press-coverage, and despite the social anxiety, crippling self-doubt and imposter syndrome, steers-gallery has once again emerged, trembling and blinking into the daylight.

Slightly slimmer, with a new look that befits a web address of a certain age, it’s surely destined to be a design classic.

If you missed the opening night, don’t worry, it was almost a disaster, but nonetheless, you are cordially invited (until we run out of cordial) to visit:

A whole new project – Why am I here?

A recent PC upgrade has left me unable to update my website ( This means a rebuild is on the cards, giving me the opportunity to rethink the design.

One of the things I most want to do is to simplify the whole site. Since the initial build the content of the site had grown far beyond my original vision. I was just too eager to put “stuff” on there, so now the site needs to go on a diet.

I still feel, however, that some of the stuff that needs to be culled from the main site deserves to be “out there”… just on the vague possibility that someone might read it. So I intend to copy/edit/rewrite selected “entries”and post them on here. 

That means that for a while at least, what’s posted on here will be duplicated from assorted pages of steers-gallery. Once all the historical stuff is done, I’ll make every attempt to post on here on a more regular basis, and eventually will replace the gallery site with a new cleaner, simpler showcase.

So, stay tuned, check back once in a while, and please do comment whenever you feel the need… let’s start a conversation..!