diminishing returns

I’ve decided it’s time to call an end to the business of picture framing.

I’ve been considering for a couple of years now, as profits have been sliding from black to red. Hard to pinpoint a single reason, and I’m certainly not laying it all at Covid’s door, although that’s undoubtedly had an adverse impact this year. It’s become the classic “rock and a hard place” situation. Not enough work to make it profitable, but having a full-time job too, drumming up more custom would leave me working long, long hours, and I’m afraid I’m no longer young enough for that to be an appealing option.

As a home based business, with few overheads aside from materials, it would be easy to plough on making meagre returns, but if I’m being honest with myself, (and let’s face it, if we can’t be honest with ourselves then we really are in a pickle) absorbing business losses, however slight, in the household budget isn’t a recipe for long-term success.

No regrets. I’m proud that I gave it a go, and I certainly don’t see it as a failure. I’ve learned a lot, not just the obvious technical knowledge and aesthetic considerations, but also about how I value my time and skills, and gained confidence anew, in sharing knowledge and advice. I’ve met some wonderful, talented and creative people who will remain a part of my life, as customers have become dear and valued friends.

the “workshop” will revert to garden shed status

As of now, picture framing will revert to hobby status. Satisfying my own presentation requirements and those of family and close friends, so profit will no longer be a consideration. Instead of taking over the dining table as a mount cutting area, we’ll be able to sit around it for dinner. I’ll no longer feel obliged to freeze my fingers to the bone in the shed at 10pm on a dark December night making other people’s Christmas presents that they should have had the foresight to order in November. I will have a little more “me-time”, so I plan to once again pick up my cameras and see what they draw me towards, and the long-neglected website is definitely due for some attention.

So, what of “putaframearoundit”..? I think it will stick around for a while yet. I don’t envisage a major shift in focus… I mean, lets face it, there’s been precious little focus up to now. As a vehicle for my occasional ramblings it still serves it’s purpose, and the name still hits the right note, so no drastic changes. Maybe I’ll find more subjects to publicly ponder and it will grow, or maybe it will wither through lack of interest… time, as they say, will tell.

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