framing examples part 2

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Another small selection of frames. Some flat, some distinctly not.


Starting with this stunning pencil drawing of a warship under sail, by a very talented amateur artist. One of a set of 3, all framed identically in matt black with a double mount.






Definitely not flat.

This is an ultra deep rebate frame containing a small section of plaster-cast, autographed by some “celebrities” from tv land (the wearer had apparently broken his wrist just prior to appearing on something called “Britain’s got talent”).



Shown here mounted, but not yet framed, the sleeve of this blue vinyl 45 by popular beat combo “The Police” has been autographed by the band members, and is framed alongside a newspaper cutting telling the story of how the band were spotted by the owner as a young fan, from the top deck of a bus on the very day he bought the record. A great memory and a great conversation piece.   


This was an interesting challenge, given the depth of frame required and the weight of the ceramic poppy from the Blood swept lands and seas of red installation at The Tower of London.

The depth of the frame is such that it is perfectly stable standing like a display cabinet, and is coloured with a medium oak stain and finished with a natural wax polish to give a soft lustrous sheen.


The poppy sits in a 60mm deep box, which has been lined with a photo of a section of the wall of the tower to enhance the presentation and reflect the scale of the original installation.

A double mount of soft greys includes the certificate of authenticity to complete the presentation. 




Finally, this is artist Danny Flynn, looking delighted with the framed print of his artwork for the George RR Martin book Fevre Dream.

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